Xpress Lube Show & Shine 2014

1957 Ford F100

A smaller show held at the local Xpress Lube in Lethbridge, Alberta. There were a lot of cars that are lovely but I have seen in other shows or events so I did not take too many photos. Still worth a visit as there are always a few interesting vehicles I have not seen before.

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Coaldale Show & Shine 2014

Ford hot rod

Held in Coaldale, Alberta on May 25th 2014. Below is a selection from the show.

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Triumph Spitfire 1500 Rear Bumper Conversion

When removing my Triumph Spitfire’s bumpers in preparation for body work and paint I noticed the rear one was made up of several smaller pieces that were bolted together. I do not care for the thicker chrome section of the later Spitfires and after further inspection it looked like this would unbolt as well as the rubber over riders. So I’m converting my car to the smaller European style bumpers. At the rear at least you can do this for very close to free! I just needed to purchase some carriage bolts to cover the holes. At the front a swap to the smaller over rides will complete the conversion.

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Spring Thaw 2014

1962 Jaguar E-Type front

The first big car show of the season held annually in Calgary traditionally at Deerfoot Mall.

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Front spoiler before and after

Front spoiler before and after

A previous owner had been really sloppy with the primer and got it all over the front spoiler. Cleaned up and a lick of black paint.

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Reverse Issue Identified

Triumph Spitfire Gearbox

I think solved the mystery why I couldn’t easy select reverse. My gearbox was very tough to get into reverse – you had to use your finder on the selector.. Turns out the yoke seat is missing. Looks like maybe a plastic bit. Should be easily sorted. Makes me feel better that there isn’t some big mechanical issue. The shifter didn’t seem super sloppy but its been a while since I drove one.

Yoke Seat

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Triumph Spitfire – Voltage Stabilizer Replacement

Headlight switch out

When driving my newly acquired Triumph Spitfire I noticed that both the fuel and temperature gauges were reading low. One faulty gauge I could believe but both? Seemed a bit unlikely. Both run through a voltage stabilizer so that seemed to be the place to start.

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