Triumph Spitfire – Voltage Stabilizer Replacement

Headlight switch out

When driving my newly acquired Triumph Spitfire I noticed that both the fuel and temperature gauges were reading low. One faulty gauge I could believe but both? Seemed a bit unlikely. Both run through a voltage stabilizer so that seemed to be the place to start.

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Zenith Stromberg carburetor clean up

Carburetor before

My Spitfire has a too high idle as well as a stuck automatic choke. While most people toss the poor Zenith Stromberg carburetor in the trash I thought I’d give a shot at cleaning it up and making it function. I’m not sure if it will fix the high idle but a working choke would sure make starting it easier. The starting point is rather grim looking.

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Triumph Spitfire 1500 Specification Page

spitfire side

I always like the collect the specifications for any car I own and the Spitfire is no different so here are the complete Triumph Spitfire 1500 Nor

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1966 Mercury Truck Brochure – Canada

1966 Mercury truck front

I purchased this Canadian market brochure for the 1966 Mercury pickup truck at the swap meet a few weeks ago.

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A little bit of progress on the Spitfire

broken handle

My newly acquired Triumph Spitfire came with a broken driver’s side handle. The previous owner had vise grips to open and close it. This worked ok for a very short while but then snapped the remainder of the handle. In fact in snapped right as we got the car home. Luckily he included the parts needed for repair. Since I stuck door is rather annoying I undertook this as the first repair.

It was a little of a challenge to get the winder and panel off as the first instruction in the repair sequence is to open the door wide … which I couldn’t do.

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Lethbridge Swap Meet 2014


One of the highlights for me is the annual Lethbridge Swap Meet. I generally don’t buy much as most of the parts for sale are for classic and vintage American cars but it is great to have an automotive event in the winter. It is also a chance to run into people I know and catch up. There is always some interesting metal that shows up in the for sale corral and this year was no exception.

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Triumph Spitfire 1500 Project

1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500

Photo taken at seller’s garage as we aired up the tires and boosted the battery

There is nothing quite like open top motoring. Even better classic low to the ground roadster. I’ve owned a Triumph Spitfire but that was almost a decade ago. It was a slightly tatty but very drivable 1974. That car remains one of my favorites (if not overall favorite) cars of all time. I’ve had a hankering for another one almost since the moment I sold it. I’ve finally been able to acquire another Spitfire but this time in project car form.

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